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Social and Environmental Sustainability in Urban India

Talk at Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi.

12 March 2015.

Abstract: With rural-to-urban migration and urban-to-rural remittance, the number of people affected by traditional “rural” ills, such as undernourishment and infectious diseases, may decline. However, if cities and urban cultures are not properly developed and maintained, “rural” ills may simply be replaced by “urban” ills, such as stress, physical inactivity and social isolation, which may bring about even more suffering.

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The Power of Urbanization

– from Babylon to PRD/HK

Talk by Henrik Valeur at Lund University, Sweden.

14 September 2010.

I want to talk about the creative and destructive forces of urbanization.

It is often assumed that urbanization is the result of economic, social and technological development, but maybe it is more accurate to say that it is urbanization, which enables economic, social and technological development. And in so doing urbanization provokes changes of existing orders, both in nature and among people. But without urbanization no change, no development!

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The global meets the local – or does it?

Le Corbusier Memorial Lecture by Henrik Valeur in Chandigarh, India.

6 October 2010.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to speak here, in memory of Le Corbusier, one of the truly great masters of architecture, in Chandigarh, which is, in many respects, his most important masterpiece.

But I will not speak so much about the past, but rather about the future. And the important role architects can play in shaping the future.

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Development Urbanism (DTU)

Lecture by Henrik Valeur at Denmark’s Technical University.

28 February 2012.

Development urbanism is a multidisciplinary field focusing on sustainable urban development as a means to combat poverty and protect the environment. It is particularly relevant in developing and emergent regions undergoing processes of rapid urbanization.

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