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As we become more and more interconnected and interdependent, human development is no longer a matter of the evolution of individual groups of people but rather a matter of the co-evolution of all people.

Henrik Valeur, 2014


In India, life expectancy has increased from 32 years in 1951 to 66 years today. In China, several hundred million people have escaped extreme poverty since 1981.

What did we, who had all the scientific and technological advantages, achieve?

Faster cars and bigger television screens?

Henrik Valeur, 2013

My grandfather

My grandfather was the first chief engineer of Glostrup – a suburb of Copenhagen. He was appointed in the 1920’s, when the municipality consisted of three villages with a total population of less than five thousand. For many years he was only chief of himself as he was the only one employed in the technical administration. Nevertheless, when he retired in the 1960’s Glostrup was a modern and fully integrated part of the metropolitan area of Copenhagen, accommodating a population of more than twenty five thousand.

Nothing much has happened since. Today the roads are still the same and so are most of the buildings. The population has even dropped slightly, yet the technical administration now employs perhaps a hundred people.

Henrik Valeur, 2012.


All my heroes are dead.

Gilles Deleuze gave life to philosophy and then he took his own life.

Rem Koolhass gave life to architecture and then he took life out of it again.

Henrik Valeur, 2012.