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Build a floating community

Join us!

We are traveling around the country this summer to probe the possibilities of creating floating communities, to talk about it and to construct elements for it (greenhouse, kitchen, composting toilet, sauna and tiny houses on rafts), which will subsequently be exhibited in Aalborg Harbor. We want to investigate and demonstrate how to live off-grid on the water in tiny houseboats, based on recycling and low consumption.

15 – 27 June, Holbæk Gamle Havns Beddinger, Holbæk.
28 June – 9 July, Nicolai, Bygning 5, Kolding.
10 – 27 July, Grobund, Ebeltoft.
28 July – 8 August, Underværket, Randers.
9 – 23 August, Utzon Center, Aalborg Harbor.

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The floating community

Henrik Valeur, The floating community. Copenhagen, The Architectural Publisher B.

December 2021

A festival-like book about a spontaneously co-evolving and self-organized community of outsiders living in small self-refurbished boats and small self-constructed houses on rafts, located on the water in a central part of Copenhagen (Denmark). The community is known, alternatively, as the Harbor of Peace and the Pirate Harbor. The book includes illustrations of the way the people there are living (off-grid) and the art they are creating (art brut), experiments with permaculture and simple low-tech solutions, mappings of the place and its development, and proposals for similar developments in other places, as well as studies of other (sea-)nomadic cultures and references to other (anarchistic) thoughts and thinkers. The book is based on three years of action research on site and has been made in close collaboration with current and former residents.

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India: The Urban Transition (Urban India)

Review by Mukta Naik, Senior Research Associate, Centre for Policy Research, in Urban India.

Drawing from his own experiences of practicing and teaching in Shanghai, China and focusing on his recent work in the Indian cities of Chandigarh and Bangalore, Henrik Valeur’s book is a commentary on the liveability of cities from the perspective of human health and safety over the long term.

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