The horrendous costs of motorized transportation in (Indian) cities

Paper in World Streets, 2013, The Global Urbanist, 2013 andIndia: the Urban Transition – A Case Study of Development Urbanism, 2014

By Henrik Valeur, 2013

It could presumably be argued that it is the combined ability to both move and think that has enabled us, human beings, to achieve the kind of progress we have achieved. Today, however, mobility and thinking often seem to oppose – or even exclude – one another, especially in cities, where the current modes of transportation and traffic behavior are not only threatening the health of the individual but also that of communities and eco-systems.

Read the paper …


  1. Henrik Valeur

    Ashok Datar,
    I wish I had had the resources to look at the economic costs too, and how these costs are distributed. This is obviously a very important aspect of motorized transportation in cities. Thank you for bringing it up!

  2. Ashok Datar

    this is extremely pursuasive.. especially the habits of driving which are acquired bit too quickly is having a telling effect . I wish the author should also identify the economic costs of private motorization simply in terms of space usurped by few for driving and , more particularly, for parking.
    reading of this is a must for all need to think and move

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